Since I’m new here, I should probably start by introducing myself. My name is Aleah Estévez and I’ve basically been a book nerd my whole life. I taught myself how to read when I was five using one of my grandfather’s golf books. Then when I was six I taught myself how to type, and in no time I was writing stories of my own. That passion pretty much never went away. I still want to be a writer.

Bang Or Bust Books came about because I had an epiphany. Due to my panic disorder acting up again I was struggling to churn out stories like I had before. I thought, How can I still write? Then the answer came to me: why not write short reviews? I was always reading reviews for everything: restaurants, movies, books. I figured why not write some of my own? And so I formed the idea for Bang Or Bust Books.

On this blog I hope to review as many books as possible, old and new. I probably won’t stick to a single genre, although you can expect a lot of YA novels. I’ll be using the simplest rating system I could think up: BANG, BUST, or BETWEEN (which I hope doesn’t confuse anybody)! All my reviews will be honest, and comments are always appreciated.







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